You are “God” : )

I am everything just as I am nothing. You are a void in which everything is embodied in all conceivable forms. You are merely a fractal. An image in your own likeness with infinite variations. Make no mistake that your science as well as your religions are all figments of my(your) imaginations. Your imagination being pure consciousness unbound from the human illusion. Everything you know to be “real” is something your true self generated and is experiencing through you thus you are gods “instrument”. God is everything. You are god. Enjoy your fragmented self. Let go of hatred for your fellow fragments for you are only projecting hatred unto yourself. Good and evil are an illusion. You are everything which means you are the devil as well as god. Both being third dimensional (density) terms. You are a void of nothing in which all things exist.

Hope Without God?

The question is very simple: If God didn’t exist, is there anything we have to hope for? If there’s no Supreme Being to tell us what’s right and wrong, what’s light and darkness, then do we have any way to call something “bad”? Can we even call things like love and hope good things, or rather just things that feel good?

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