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Human Design – a pyramid scheme?

I know somebody who started “studying” about human design system which is a new age spirituality thing. It’s a mix of astrology, I-ching, kabala and so on. It lures you in by asking your birth date, name and place of birth and then gives you a brief description of your personality and life road map. BUT, if you want to learn more you have to pay a small fee to receive a complete reading of your “chart”. Anywho, the more you get into it the more you end up paying. They are mostly after “generators” who are about 20% of population and they are the most susceptible to this kind of scam. Do you know somebody who got into it? How do you make them snap out of it?


1. What prosperity?

When we want to understand a human being, his or her degree of maturity, and his existential situation, it is worth looking at the main goals and aspirations to which he is going. In the Polish society of the end of the twentieth century dominates the man who longs for prosperity. The word “prosperity” has become very popular nowadays. Almost every politician promises voters mostly prosperity: work, housing, money. Often adults talk about prosperity, youth, and even children. Countries that have already become prosperous become a model and ideal for many people in Poland, the subject of comparisons and longing.

In conversations and dreams of prosperity, however, who does not specify exactly WHAT HAPPY? When such a question arises, it turns out that it is MAINLY AND TIME ONLY MATERIAL: To have more money to live in a better home to drive a better car to wear better clothes. ONE DAY OF THE SPARKY FOR SPINE SPIRITUALITY: To be a better and deeper person to love more and be loved in order to live better and not only to have more. In this way we are going to a situation where in Poland also man will be MANY MORE MATTERS AND MORE EARLY SPIRITUAL. This is a very dangerous situation, because IM MORE PEOPLE ARE NEARLY SPIRITUAL, THAT MORE DO NOT WANT TO BE A MATERIAL WOMAN. In other words, having money by spiritually poor people is very dangerous for them. Experience shows that they can not use their material resources to grow, to love more, and to seek the truth more courageously. On the contrary, the richer they are, the more egoistic and superficial they become, the more spiritually they are. It turns out that for the poor people spiritual material wealth is not a chance for development but rather a way to destroy oneself.

This is clearly visible in the West of Europe, where for the last several decades most people have lived in material wellbeing accompanied by ever greater psychic and spiritual poverty. The consequence is more and more suicide, mentally ill people, drug addicts, violent criminals, broken families, unhappy children. Once again the correctness has been observed for millennia: individuals and entire civilizations break apart and destroy if they are spiritually impoverished. When spiritual poverty is accompanied by material wealth, disintegration is made even faster and is even more inevitable. A man living in material well-being can easily be deluded that having money alone is enough for him to be happy. THIS IS NOT FOR A MORE DIFFERENT SITUATION AS A TOMORROW FOR MATERIAL WOMAN NOT CONNECTED TO ONE SINGLE SPARK FOR SPINEOGRAPHY. To understand why this is happening, it is necessary to identify what spirituality is and what role it plays in the life of man and society.
2. Why spirituality is so important?

I often attend various meetings, conventions and discussions devoted to spirituality. Never before have I been fortunate to hear the precise definition of spirituality. So let’s try to determine what spirituality is, and what is its substitute or the illusion of spirituality.

Spirituality is the sphere in which man asks himself who he is and why he is alive. Spirituality is thus the ability to discover and understand the mystery of man and the meaning of his life. Thanks to this, spirituality can become the CENTRAL LIFE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. As long as a person does not develop a spiritual sphere, he can not take a mature attitude towards himself, to the world and to life. You can not take a mature attitude towards reality, which a person does not reflect and does not understand. In addition, spirituality turns out to be something NOT REPENTED, because man can not understand himself from any other perspective than the spiritual perspective.

If, for example, someone contacts himself only through the body, he can not explain the mystery of man because the body does not know who a person is and why he lives. The body only needs its own needs and drives. The body left alone becomes a kind of cancer that subordinates the whole person and lives at his expense. Man only can not understand himself and can not be responsible for his life. In a bodily man, the management of life is based on only one part of his reality. A carnal man is a person subject to the dictatorship of the body.

Likewise, a person can not understand himself if he is dealing with his own psyche, so with his own strategies of thinking or his own ways of experiencing emotion. The human mind has the ability to think but is not the source of knowledge about the mystery of man. Mind can discover this mystery but can not find its own power or come up with it. Left alone spontaneity

The human mind is not looking for truth, but half-truths and even illusions for the individual. The man for whom his own thinking is the supreme and sole authority, is led by the so-called. Private logic so as not to discover all about the truth about your life, especially the difficult and clear requirements. But with only subjective thinking, man is usually doing great harm to himself, deceiving himself and depriving himself of the opportunity to develop. The system of subjective illusions and denial with an alcoholic or drug addict is a very clear example, but not the only one or the most dramatic one. Also, from the perspective of emotion, a person can not discover who he or she is and why he or she is alive. The only emotional person does not know what attitude he should take to his own reality and even to the emotions themselves. Emotions left to their own spontaneity are guided by their own logic: they seek only for the well-being. Immediately and at all costs. Even for the price of destroying the man they are part of. Any addiction to people, things or chemicals is a direct consequence of the dictatorship of emotions, which only the emotional one condemns. The mystery of the spiritual realm is that in this sphere, and only in this sphere can a man be asked for his own secret not from a partial perspective ( Bodily or psychic) ​​but from the perspective of the whole man. And only in this sphere can FINALLY FINISH AN ANSWER that will become the basis for taking a mature attitude towards life. SPIRITUALITY IS GETTING TODAY WHEN HE HAVE GIVEN YOU BETWEEN YOUR BODY AND OVER YOUR PSYCHICS TO TAKE A QUESTION ABOUT ALL YOUR REALITY: WHAT IT IS, WHAT AND WHAT HE SAYS BODY, HIS THINKING AND HIS EMOTIONS AND ITSELF. Luckily, even in our day most people are putting at least some kind of questions at this time. However, they do not automatically guarantee true answers and development of the spiritual sphere. It is possible that someone calls spirituality something that in reality is not spiritual. For example, various artistic emotions, aesthetic sensations, ecstasy over nature, general meditation, and concentration exercises (eg yoga) – all these are just different ways of developing mental sensitivity and concentration. It does not have to be related to spiritual development. There is therefore a GROWTH TO REINSTALLY SPIRITUALITY WITH HUSBANDS OR ILLUS. At present, many young people are particularly at risk. They long for the spiritual world, but for various reasons they stop halfway and develop only what is a substitute for spirituality and sometimes only for her caricature. Examples of dangerous substitutes for spirituality or caricatures are some youth sects and subcultures. To some extent, even some groups and movements in the Church are subject to such risk, as they are dominated by emotional aspects and phenomena secondary to mature spirituality and religiosity. Recently, I had several meetings with people who told me they were fascinated with Buddhism and therefore departed from Church. I asked them the basic question: what impressed you so much in Buddhism? Everyone responded similarly: we were fascinated by Buddhist spirituality, guided by the principle: do not let anyone suffer: no people, neither animals nor nature. How shocked were these people when I helped them discover the naivety of this system. First of all, it is a utopian aspiration not to give anyone and no suffering, because on this earth it is impossible. And every utopia is very dangerous. Especially dangerous are especially beautiful utopias: social and moral. Second, Buddhism assumes that suffering is the greatest misfortune. Meanwhile, suffering is a tremendously valuable information that helps a person distinguish good from evil, truth from illusion. Man usually grows the most spiritually and develops precisely through suffering. Thirdly, Christianity proposes a much greater ideal than not suffering. He teaches us to love, to accept with love and friendship of ourselves and other people. And to love is much more than to refrain from suffering. In addition, Buddhism is a very subjective system because it does not recognize the existence of a personal God. Deity calls a piece of good that a person finds in himself. But everyone does it according to their subjective feelings and criteria. In practice, it turns out that in this situation the ideal becomes nirvana: indifference to oneself and the world, dissolving in cosmic voidness, to cease to be sensitive to suffering, which can not be avoided on this earth.Buddyurs, in principle, avoid what constitutes The very essence of spirituality, because they avoid questions about the mystery of man, objective truths and moral principles. They even consider them dangerous philosophies. In this sense, the system indirectly forbids seeking the truth and discovering its own mystery. Spirituality is thus replaced by the utopian principle of avoiding

When there is no spirituality or when a person develops only its substitute, then by definition he can not take a mature attitude towards his own life. And the wrong attitude will lead to painful emotions, to the crisis of life, to various kinds of afflictions and addictions. There is NO FREEDOM WITHOUT SPIRITUALITY, because a man can not take responsibility for himself and his life until he knows who he is and why he is alive. A man without spirituality is a man who, by definition, is dependent on one of his spheres, or on pressures from the outside world. It is a man who lives like a young child, unconsciously and only on the basis of the stimuli that affect him at a given moment. In practice, this means that a person who has not developed a spiritual sphere is dependent on his or her body (eg gluttony, From loneliness, dependence on motivation), from subjective thinking (different forms of illusion and denial of truth about one’s own life), from emotion (escape from emotion at all costs or passive to emotions, guided by emotionally enjoyable and not valuable) From environmental pressures (I do what most people do, because I do not know who I am or what I’m living for), from certain people (subordinate to others or use them according to needs and emotional states) or specific things (money, power ). A person without a spiritual sphere is dependent on all these factors at the same time, although usually some form of addiction proves dominant and easily noticeable from the outside. All these forms of addiction are ultimately the result of a dramatic CONCRETE OF DESIRE, typical of a man without spirituality. There are people for whom the only desire is for example to have money, alcohol, sex, drugs. In such a situation, man becomes a slave to the few desires that still remain. This is because these narrow desires turn out to be extremely powerful, almost obsessive, because they absorb all the energy of human life and have no competition. They seem to be the only way to happiness. In our society there was an almost programmatic narrowing of human desires and aspirations to concentration on the body and emotional wellbeing at all costs. Media, children’s and youth magazines, advertising, dominant mentality and fashion promote a lifestyle that excludes spirituality and thereby narrows human desires into the bodily and emotional sphere, leading to various addictions. In the spiritual realm, man is able to take a conscious and mature attitude towards his whole being, because only in this sphere can he discover and understand his own mystery. Only a spiritual person has the opportunity to lead a mature life. Let’s take a brief look at what this type of mature attitude is about yourself and your life. It requires, first, a mature reference to your own bodily reality. This means that man does not identify himself with his own body and does not succumb to the dictatorship of the body, and therefore the dictatorship of instincts, drives, or bodily needs. On the contrary, a spiritual person is capable of internal discipline and learns to direct his body to express love, responsibility, diligence, perseverance, service to neighbor, commitment to good and truth. Second, spiritual development enables the attainment of mature attitudes. To their own emotions. There are two extremes in this area. On the one hand, it is possible to avoid contact with emotions and to dictate emotion to the other. Maturity in this area is that emotions inform a person about her internal or external situation but do not rule it. Decisions should be based on love, truth and responsibility and not on the basis of emotional states. In addition, maturity is the realization that the purpose of life is to follow the requirements of truth and love and not to seek emotional wellbeing at all costs. Bad mood is not a misfortune but a valuable, though painful information. And well-being is not achievable simply because it is a CONSEQUENCES OF LIVING LIVING. Spiritual development also enables responsible use of one’s own thinking. There is a close link between the quality of thinking and the quality of conduct and life. The danger in this area is the fact that man is capable of manipulating thinking. He can choose arguments and so choose information to convince others and even himself about what he wants to be convinced. Also when they deny this obvious fact. An example of wrong thinking may be the belief of young people that they reach for alcohol not from weakness but to confirm their maturity or independence. Responsibility in the field of thinking lies in the courage and freedom sought